• How can I found interesting projects as per my preference?

    To find interesting projects as per your preference follow below steps: a) Go to ‘All Campaigns’ page.b) Enter the criteria in the search form as per your preference.c) You can go through the projects as per the searched criteria.

  • How can I support a project?

    You can back a project in two ways: a) Support project Button: Click on button and you will be re-directed to the page with all the list of rewards and an option to back any amount to the project. b) Pay using Emoney balance. c)Next step is to fill your defails and pay for the back amount using available payment options.

  • Can I back a project more than once?

    Yes, you can back a project more than once.

  • How can I contact Project Owner for any queries related to his project?

    You can click on ‘Contact Owner’ button placed on project profile page to contact the Project Owner for any queries related to his project.

  • Is it possible to get refund of the amount I have backed for a project?

    Amount backed can be refunded back or not is entirely dependent on the project owner and site admin. So, in case of any refund, please contact project owner or site admin.

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  • What are the things I should do before starting my project?

    You should follow below steps before starting your project: a) Make a detailed budget of your costs required to bring your idea to life. Use this to set your project’s funding goal. b) Think thoroughly about what rewards to offer to your project’s backers c) Have a plan to market your project so that it can reach to maximum people. d) Be active before launching your project till it reaches it’s funding goal amount.

  • What are the various steps to create a project on this website?

    a) Click on ‘Start a Campaign’ button or link. b) Fill the required details in the project creation form which you have gathered before starting this process. d) Go to edit page of your project to compile overview, to create various perks, to add videos / photos, to set main photo / video for your project etc.

  • What about payment?

    Payment goes directly to your Paypal address, or if you are using Emoney it will go to your Emoney balance, after that you may easily withdraw it.